Floods and propane: Please read this to help protect your family and property.
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Five Cold Weather Propane Safety Tips for Your Finger Lakes-Area Home

Propane is among the safest fuels around – but as is the case with any energy source, you and your family have to know what to do if the unexpected occurs in your propane-powered home, especially in the winter.


Weatherization Checklist: Locations and Measures to Consider

Would you leave a door wide open in the middle of winter with your gas heater or pellet boiler working overtime to keep your family warm?

Home warming

How to Save Energy in Your Propane-Powered Home This Winter

We’re well into heating season here in the Finger Lakes region, with temperatures already dropping into the single digits during a record- or near-record Thanksgiving week for much of our region.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You for Choosing Ehrhart Energy

Thanksgiving is a time when we show our gratitude – and there is nothing we are more grateful for than you, our loyal customers.

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Cold Weather and Propane

When it comes to keeping you warm in the winter, there aren’t many fuels that can keep up with propane. But what does propane think of the cold?

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Getting the Most from Your Current Propane Gas Furnace

Most of today’s propane furnaces achieve efficiency ratings into the upper 90s (95 percent is now the federal minimum efficiency for gas-fired furnaces operating in the northern U.S.)…

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Wood Pellet 101

Wood pellets are a clean burning, efficient, and powerful way to heat your Finger Lakes-area home (so says the U.S. Department of Energy, and we agree) – but how much do you really know about wood pellet fuel and wood pellet appliances?

Wood pellet boiler

Exciting Limited Time Opportunity: Save up to $16K on a New Pellet Boiler System

Last month, we talked about some big advantages of automated pellet boilers.

Will Bioheat work with my current home heating system

One question we get a lot here at Ehrhart Energy is “how do I reduce impact my impact on the environment.” It’s kind of our specialty. The truth is, there are a number of ways to answer that question. Some of them involve big steps such as installing a high-efficiency pellet boiler. Others involve small […]

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“I Didn’t Know Propane Could Do That…”

Mention the word propane and many people will immediately think of a barbecue grill.