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Bill’s Blog

Tankless water heater

Tankless vs. Storage Heaters

Why pay to heat water you won’t use right away – or pay to heat the same water twice?


Bioheat® – Your Earth Day Heating Oil

April 22, 2019 will mark the 49th turn around the sun for Earth Day – an event conceived to promote eco-friendly ideas and celebrate cleaner, greener ways to live on our planet.

Earth Day

Three Green Acts for Earth Day

It seems like everyday we read, see, or hear about the devastating impact of global warming on people around the world and closer to home – and every day, the urgent need to respond in practical, everyday ways to the affects of our changing climate becomes more clear.

Hello Spring

Spring Is a Great Time for Heating Maintenance

Spring is here – time to start thinking about the warm days ahead of us here in the Finger Lakes!

Dog after bath

Why Choose a Propane Water Heater?

Almost any home comfort equipment that runs on electricity can operate more effectively and efficiently on propane gas – including your water heater.

Furnace air filter

Don’t Forget to Check Your Furnace Air Filter!

Your gas furnace works hard to keep your family comfortable all winter long, running day and night in its ongoing bid to stave off that ever-present Finger Lakes winter chill.

Old dog

When Should I Replace My Heating System?

A properly installed heating oil- or propane-fired heating system could last 15 years or more if it is maintained by professionals.


Unplug Your Electric Water Heater – Choose Propane Power and Save

Just about any home comfort equipment that runs on electricity can also be powered by propane – and usually more effectively and efficiently.

March Madness basketball

Go a Little Mad This Spring with Heating Equipment Specials from Ehrhart Energy

There comes a time (usually after about 10 to 12 years or so) when upgrading your home heating equipment begins to make more sense than repairing it – especially when you consider how efficient today’s home comfort equipment has become.

Save money and energy

NYSERDA Programs Could Help You Save Money and Energy

You may not have heard of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), but if you are a NY State resident interested in alternative energy and eco-friendly home building, you definitely want to check them out.