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Bill’s Blog

Bad weather

What to Include in a Generator Readiness Plan

Atlantic Hurricane season is here, and even though we rarely bear the full brunt of hurricanes here in Upstate NY, the remnants of these powerful storms can still wreak havoc on our Ithaca-area homes.

Wood pellet burning

How Wood Pellet Boilers Work

If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you have probably heard of – or maybe even considered installing – a wood pellet boiler.

Clearing the air

Clearing the Air: Emissions from Bioheat vs. #2 Heating Oil

If you’re an eco-warrior living in our Finger Lakes service area and using fuel oil to heat your home, we have some good news for you (and your lungs):

Home comfort

Want Fewer Home Comfort UPS and Downs? Be Proactive in the Heating Offseason

Most of us like surprises – in a summer blockbuster or at a sporting event (if our team benefits, of course).

Severe weather

Severe Weather Preparedness in Your Finger Lakes-Area Home

Don’t look now, but the start of Atlantic Hurricane season is right around the corner – and while upstate NY does not often suffer a direct hit from these powerful storms, their remnants can still be plenty dangerous.

Grilling burgers

Seven Keys to Making the Perfect Memorial Day Burger

May is National Barbecue Month, capped toward its end with Memorial Day – traditionally one of the biggest outdoor grilling weekends of the year.

Bill pay online

Two Ways to Simplify Your Bill Paying with Ehrhart Energy

Have you ever continued to do something out of habit when there are better, easier options available?

Yeah, us too.

Tankless water heater

Tankless vs. Storage Heaters

Why pay to heat water you won’t use right away – or pay to heat the same water twice?

Wallet money

Wood and Pellet Appliance Basics – Plus Incentives That Can Save You Thousands!

Today’s wood- and pellet-burning heating equipment is clean burning, efficient, and powerful enough to heat many average-sized homes.


Bioheat® – Your Earth Day Heating Oil

April 22, 2019 will mark the 49th turn around the sun for Earth Day – an event conceived to promote eco-friendly ideas and celebrate cleaner, greener ways to live on our planet.