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It’s Not Just Business…It’s Personal.
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Bill Overbaugh

We Listen to You

Dear Friends,

One of the many things we have learned from being in this business for 70 years is the importance of listening to our customers.


Survey Results: What You Told Us

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Excellent/good: 95+%

Clear driveway

Please Keep It Clear

You can help all our drivers make safe deliveries this winter. Besides shoveling a path to your tank, please clear ice and snow from the driveway and mark its edges.

Dad and son jumping on bed

Feel Safer at Home

Being safe at home becomes a lot easier when you rely on oil or propane heat — and us! To keep you even safer this season, we offer some advice.


SAVE 50% on Pellet Stoves

Visit our showroom today for great deals on a variety of wood pellet stoves. Right now, you can save more than $1,000!


Tax Credits and Rebates

Ehrhart can help all of our customers save. Here’s how:

Mike Beeching and Rob Frye


We’re excited to welcome two new employees to our growing family! Ehrhart has the best team of skilled professionals in the Ithaca area.