Floods and propane: Please read this to help protect your family and property.
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Save with New York rebates

Modernizing your home with new heating equipment is always a smart idea—and it’s even smarter right now because of New York rebates that save you hundreds

Bill Overbaugh

Winter couldn’t stop us

For the most part, we were able to take care of every customer in need. That’s because we invest in the kinds of trucks, technology and supply that are essential in tough winters.

Service by the numbers

This past January was the coldest in years. Here is how our team responded during the month.

JT Salzer

Ways to make life easier

Consultant JT Salzer suggest some ways to take the stress out of winter.

Update on prices

It’s always hard to predict which direction propane and oil prices will go next, because there are many factors that cause energy prices to rise and fall.

People are talking

We have had Ehrhart as our propane supplier for many years. We have never run out of propane, and although the price per gallon fluctuates, it is much more stable with Ehrhart