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Wood Pellets

Convert to wood pellets for cleaner, greener home heating

Upgrade your old inefficient oil furnace or boiler, or install a pellet stove

Many people are familiar with the idea of a pellet stove or fireplace insert, and yes, we sell those. But did you know you can install a central heating system that runs on pellets too? New pellet boilers are fully automated, environmentally friendly and help you save on your home heating bills for years to come?

Wood pellet heating systems work with the thermostat and other components already installed to heat your home, whether you use hot water (boiler) or forced hot air (furnace).

These systems work best with bulk pellet delivery, which allows for “set it and forget it” heating via an auger or vacuum feed which loads the boiler automatically.

Ehrhart Energy technicians can meet with you for no charge to evaluate your current system and discuss what would be involved converting to a pellet boiler. And as with any heating product, our technicians can handle the installation from A to Z.

One of the lowest emissions of ANY fuel

Wood pellets are clean burning and carbon neutral.

Fossil fuels pulled from the earth release carbon dioxide into the air, which contributes to global warming. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deems wood pellets “carbon neutral,” since burning wood releases no more carbon dioxide into the air than would be release if the tree it came from had fallen and decayed naturally.

So heating your home with wood pellets is a tremendously effective way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ehrhart Energy wood pellets are forest friendly

We only offer you pellets made from “remnant wood”—roots, tree tops, brush and sawdust from furniture companies. We do NOT buy from companies that purposely cut down trees to manufacture wood pellets.

Home grown fuel is good for us all

Avoid Middle East politics, funding and fluctuating oil prices—spend more of your energy money locally on an abundant North American fuel.

Save on home heating costs, supplemented with tax breaks

pellets-baggedA conservative estimate of burning wood pellets versus oil for your home heating is unbelievable: Over 25 years, you could save over $100,000 on your energy costs!

And to help you save even more, the federal government and many states have developed rebates and incentive programs to offset the cost of wood pellet boilers. You can research government savings here, or ask us for more information. Also take a look at the Renewable Heat NY incentive program, where you can save 25% on your wood pellet boiler installation and more.

Have natural gas heating? Now you can choose your heating company!

Rather than be forced to pay for your heating fuel from a behemoth utility that greatly limits competition, switch to wood pellet heating—and suddenly you can buy your pellets from Ehrhart Energy. This is a much better way for you to buy your home heating fuel.

A million years of satisfied users can’t be wrong

Seriously—wood has proven itself to be a pretty handy heating fuel for a long, long time. Now, with wood pellets and Ehrhart Energy, you can go back to one of the world’s first and still best resources for keeping your family warm and your world clean.


Ehrhart Energy promises all customers that you will always have heat in the winter, with prompt delivery of any fuel we provide.


You will also always get fair pricing when buying any of our fuels, equipment, or services. We care—you can count on it.

Ehrhart Cares

Learn more about Ehrhart Energy wood pellet services, including delivery and equipment. Contact us to speak with a representative today.